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The immigration law office of Andrew Bartlett in downtown San Rafael is built on low attorney fees, good advice and teamwork. If you'd like my help, please call. If you just want to ask a question, feel free to email.

Citizenship and Naturalization I am an immigrant. I know the uncertainty. And I can't afford a lawyer either. Basta. That's why my law practice is different. Welcome. Bienvenue. Bienvenida. Bem-vindo.


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Ask me Anything Consultation $50. Family Green Cards and Fiance Visas $450. Citizenship $200. Fiance Visas $450. DACA $150. I-130 $150. VAWA/U $450. Waivers/Motions (capped $75/h)

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What Immigration Help?
(and how much)

Citizenship and Naturalization


[$200] I check that it is really safe for you to apply to become a US citizen, help with the forms, include an attorney form so I can be with you through the process, and give you a "mock interview" close to the time to make sure you are ready. I recently naturalized, so I know first-hand about the experience.

Whatever you decide, please consult with a lawyer before applying.

Marriage Green Cards and Fiance Visas

Green Cards

[$450] For adjustment or a fiance visa or I-751 lifting of conditions, we prepare a full packet with good evidence giving the service exactly what they need from you. And guide you through a stressful time. For consular processing we go step by step. And I will be with you through the stress of the process, as the attorney of record. Of course "no extra fee for an RFE."

Here is our Marriage Adjustment of Status checklist

Carefully produced application packets

Immigration Benefits

Many issues can be resolved in a single $50 consultation.

Otherwise, for smaller tasks - I-130 applications, I-131 re-entry permits, and more the fee is $150. For complicated work, I use the hourly rate with an agreed cap. No large fixed fees.



[$100 renewal/$150 initial] One benefit of also working in a nonprofit is that I do many DACA applications. We get it right, however long it takes to prepare a complete packet.

I also welcome "health check" consultations with undocumented people to make sure you stay safe

VAWA and U Visa help


[$450] If I can help, I will. Victims of crime don't need the added stress of an immigration crisis. Because these cases take a long time, I only accept a few at any time.

Plan your business immigration strategy

Business Immigration

I came to the US through the business route. And I understand that you often need more advice than you can get from an emmployer's attorney.

Also entrepreneurs (and students with dreams) find it very useful to discuss their plans and get a reality check about their concerns. Often this can take just a single consultation.

Check to see if your country has an investment or trade treaty with the US.

Bay Area Immigration Lawyer with low fees

For Citizenship, Marriage and Fiance Visas, Immigration Advice

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Where's the office

where am I 930 Irwin Street, Suite 218
San Rafael, CA 94901
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the office

I see new clients Weekdays, 9 to 6. Please call first. And Saturdays by appointment.
If you need to see me at another time, I will try to arrange something - particularly if it means you don't have to take time off work.

When you search for a Bay Area Immigration Lawyer, you find attorneys in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose. Yet San Rafael has wonderful links with the rest of the Bay Area - connected to the east bay through the Richmond Bridge, San Francisco and the south bay via the golden gate bridge. And even Sacramento and Vallejo via route 37.

But there is a reason that Google and the other search engines separate Marin County from the rest of the Bay Area - which they call the Oakland San Francisco and San Jose Metropolitan Area. And it is that many people in the Bay Area see Marin as a strange foreign place. San Rafael may be one of the easiest places to get to, but only if you are comfortable driving I-80/580 over the Richmond Bridge from the East Bay, or 101/280 and 19th Avenue up to the Golden Gate bridge from the south bay and the city. And both of these routes can be crazy at rush hour. And other than the ferry and the airporter, the public transport options are limited. So, although I am a bay area immigration attorney, and have clients from all over - some who even want to travel up from San Jose - I understand that it can be a challenge. Since I regularly travel south and east, I try to meet with clients half way whenever I can. And skype and hangout when a journey is not required.

For the brave, here are directions to the office from north south and east:

Directions from Oakland, Berkeley and the East Bay

From the East Bay, you take I-580 to the Richmond Bridge. 5 minutes after the bridge you merge with 101 northbound, just before the downtown exit.

Directions from San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and the South Bay

From the South Bay, you take I-280, avoid San Francisco by staying on 19th Avenue following the signs to the Golden Gate bridge - then the office is 15 minutes further on 101. If you are close to SFO, then you can come here in style with the Marin Airporter. I also go down to Sunnyvale every other week, so I may be able to meet you closer to home.

Directions from San Francisco

From San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge has made San Rafael a destination since 1938. There is also the ferry from the Embarcadero to Larkspur Landing. I sometimes meet clients near the ferry for a lunchtime meeting.

Directions from Vallejo, Davis and Sacramento

If you are over near Vallejo, or up towards Davis and Sacramento, then you take I-37 across to 101 in Marin then go south for about 15 minutes

A Bay Area Immigration Lawyer can give Immigration Advice Worldwide

clients worldwide Most people come to the office. But if you are too far away to visit, much can be done remotely through phone/Skype, email and other internet communications. I cannot attend an interview with you, but most other tasks are possible.

Immigration is Federal Law. That means you can get advice from any immigration lawyer who is licensed in the United States. I give consultations over Skype to clients across the United States and beyond. From Europe through the Middle East to Hong Kong.

My fees are the same for distance clients as for people who come to my office. I recommend you only request a $50 consultation in the first instance. If more work is needed, I will roll that fee into the total cost of the work.

Full "ask me anything" Skype consultations can be just like coming to the office

Email help@law191.org

Frequently Asked Questions

My marriage is real, not a fraud

Of course it is. And the best way to show that is to involve family at every stage. At the wedding, with letters of support, and in the photographs you include with your application. Moms and dads, uncles and aunts don't get involved in immigration fraud.

Check my case status?

If you have a receipt number, then the status check tool on the USCIS home page should be your first destination. Sometimes it is not accurate - INFOPASS can help. And if everything seems lost, then you can make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Have I aged-out at 21?

If a "child" in your application has reached 21, all may not be lost. The CSPA may help. If you are a citizen, then a child immediate relative's age is frozen as soon as your application is in the system. Otherwise, work out how many days USCIS took to approve your case. Then add those days to the child's date of birth. And that gives you the "adjusted" birth date to use.

The Affidavit of Support

This requirement causes most people problems. You have to have income higher than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you need a joint-sponsor this explanation of the consequences of being a sponsor in California will probably help.

I have a Court hearing soon

If you (or the person with the hearing) is a child, feel free to call. Otherwise I'm sorry but I cannot help. You can check when your hearing is and your status by calling the EOIR hotline.

Can you help with my asylum or withholding?

I will talk with you about the merits of your case and whether you have other options. If you are in the Bay Area, your destination should be the Asylum Program at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco.

Filing an I-130 for a family member

Before you pay money, either to the government or to a lawyer, be warned that some of the categories have long wait lists, and for some oversubscribed countries, that wait time is impossibly long. You need to consider both the date published in the Visa Bulletin, and how fast the date is moving forward. Here is one good online tool for checking when your date might become current.

I am a citizen. My spouse needs papers

If your spouse originally came on a visa, then you may be able to fix things in a few months and help him/her adjust status. If your spouse came across the border without inspection (EWI) then a waiver will be needed - and this is difficult but can be done. If your EWI spouse came here before age 16, then DACA and advance parole might let them adjust.

My EAD is expiring and my DACA renewal hasn't arrived

Did you file on time (120-140 days before expiry)? If so, call USCIS customer service. They may be able to help. Otherwise, beware of the advice you get. DACA is executive action, not a traditional immigration benefit.

About Me

me and my naturalizatio certificate I am a San Francisco Bay Area Immigration Lawyer - an attorney based in San Rafael, California. And I am an immigrant. I came to the United States in 2000. 13 years later I became a citizen. I am licensed to practice law in California. And I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers' Association (AILA).

Here is my California State Bar record

I speak fluent French, a little Spanish and Portuguese, and even less Kreyol.

law191.org is my private practice. I believe in access to law for everyone, so my fee scale is carefully designed to reach everyone. Think of me as a legal GP.

I am also the immigration attorney at the Brazilian Alliance in San Rafael. You are welcome to work with me through them if you prefer. The fee structure is the same. The quality of the service is the same.

I graduated with a JD from King Hall, UC Davis School of Law in 2012 and passed the California Bar later that year. At law school I was nominated for the Martin Luther King Jr Service Award for my work with long-term women prisoners in Chowchilla.