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San Francisco Bay Area Immigration Lawyer.
The immigration law office of Andrew Bartlett is in downtown San Rafael corner of 4th Street and Irwin [map] and [directions], with clients across the United States and Worldwide

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Ask me Anything Consultation $50     Marriage/Fiance Visas $450     DACA/DAPA $150     I-130 $150     VAWA/U $450     Waivers/Motions ("capped" fee $75/h) [see legal fees]

How I can help

Andrew Bartlett. Bay Area Immigration Lawyer

I can help immigrants and non-immigrants, documented and undocumented.
A consultation is like a health check. The law changes. Your situation changes. You need to stay informed.

Citizenship, Marriage Green Cards, Fiance Visas

Get help and advice on everything from naturalization, adjustment of status and consular processing to affidavits of support, advance parole, conditional residency lost or stolen green cards, etc.

Student and Employment Visa Planning

I can help you plan. Should you choose the family or employment route to a life in the United States? How should you structure your new business venture to avoid immigration problems?

When Things Go Wrong

I work with victims of crime and violence and those seeking asylum.

I welcome a conversation with any undocumented person, because good outcomes come more often than before. And I will do anything I can to help children who are in removal proceedings.

Legal Fees

My low-cost fee scale is to give you the opportunity to talk to an attorney before anything bad happens. I'd rather prevent a problem than fix it. If you have major immigration problems, I can be as expensive as everyone else - complicated tasks take time. But for well-prepared applications for USCIS I think the nonprofits have priced it about right, so that's the scale I use.

Consultations: ..................... $50 -- Ask Me Anything

Naturalization: ................... $200 -- Make Yourself Safe

Family Plans: .......................$450 -- K-1, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing

Hopes and Dreams: ...... $150 -- DACA, Advance Parole, Deferred Action for Parents of US Citizens (DAPA)

Emergencies: ......................$450 -- U-Visa, VAWA

Necessities: ......................... $150 -- Re-entry Permits, I-130 Affidavits of Support

Custom Work: .................Waivers, research, asylum, business immigration, immigration court etc

$75/hour usually with a cap of $3000. Think deductible.

Where's the office?

930 Irwin Street, Suite 218
San Rafael, CA 94901
Get Directions...

I see new clients Weekdays, 9 to 6. Please call first. And Saturdays by appointment.
If you need to see me at another time, I will try to arrange something - particularly if it means you don't have to take time off work.

San Francisco Bay Area Immigration Lawyer

You can get to my office easily from anywhere in the Bay Area.

By public transit The office is 5 minutes walk from the San Rafael Transit Center/Whistlestop.

By car coming from the southThe office is 2 minutes from 101. Take the downtown San Rafael exit. You exit onto Irwin St so you don't need to turn left or right. Two blocks down, turn into the office parking lot just before the intersection with 4th Street. Or take a right onto 4th and turn into the parking lot immediately on your right.

From the north you take the downtown San Rafael exit, take a left on 4th Street, and turn into the office parking lot just after 4th crosses Irwin.

Coming from outside of Marin, it is a very easy journey as long as you avoid the late afternoon rush.

Directions from Oakland, Berkeley and the East Bay

From the East Bay, you take I-580 to the Richmond Bridge. 5 minutes after the bridge you merge with 101 northbound, just before the downtown exit.

Directions from San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and the South Bay

From the South Bay, you take I-280, avoid San Francisco by staying on 19th Avenue following the signs to the Golden Gate bridge - then the office is 15 minutes further on 101. If you are close to SFO, then you can come here in style with the Marin Airporter. I also go down to Sunnyvale every other week, so I may be able to meet you closer to home.

Directions from San Francisco

From San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge has made San Rafael a destination since 1938. There is also the ferry from the Embarcadero to Larkspur landing. I sometimes meet clients near the ferry for a lunchtime meeting.

Directions from Vallejo, Davis and Sacramento

If you are over near Vallejo, or up towards Davis and Sacramento, then you take I-37 across to 101 in Marin then go south for about 15 minutes

Immigration Advice Worldwide

Most people come to the office. But if you are too far away to visit, much work can be done remotely through phone/Skype, email and other internet communications. I cannot attend an interview with you, but many other tasks are possible.

Immigration Law is Federal Law. That means you can get advice from any immigration lawyer. I give consultations over Skype to clients across the United States and beyond. From Europe through the Middle East to Hong Kong.

Think carefully before working remotely with a lawyer. Legal work can be slow. If you are communicating by email and phone, it can be stressful because you are far away from where the work is being done. If you can deal with this, then there are big advantages as well. If you are trying to deal with NVC from abroad it can be far easier with an attorney stateside involved.

My fees are the same for distance clients as for people who come to my office. I recommend you only request a $50 consultation in the first instance. If more work is needed, I will roll that fee into the total cost of the work.

Skype Consultations

Consultations on Skype can be very productive. Please email to arrange a session - I will send you an invoice for a one hour "ask me anything" $50 consultaton via paypal that you can pay by credit card, and then we can talk - wherever in the world you are. My Skype ID is law191.org

About me

I am an immigrant. I came to the United States in 2000. 13 years later I became a citizen. I am also an attorney based in San Rafael, California. I am licensed to practice law in California. And I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers' Association (AILA).

Here is my California State Bar record

I speak fluent French, a little Spanish and Portuguese, and even less Kreyol.

This (law191.org) is my private practice. I believe in access to law for everyone, so my fee scale is carefully designed to reach everyone. Think of me as a legal GP. I am also the immigration attorney at the Brazilian Alliance in San Rafael. You are welcome to work with me through them if you prefer. The fee structure is the same. The quality of the service is the same.

I created the widely used online Immigration and Nationality Act

I graduated with a JD from King Hall, UC Davis School of Law in 2012 and passed the California Bar later that year. At law school I was nominated for the Martin Luther King Jr Service Award for my work with long-term women prisoners in Chowchilla.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not legal advice. Before applying for any immigration benefit, you should take advice from an immigration attorney. I am only your lawyer after we have met, discussed your case and agreed to the representation in writing.